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The Best 30 Minutes of Your Day!

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Do you struggle with

Weight Control

Have you tried every diet and kept gaining the weight back? Our Nutrition guidance has you covered!


Do you have a hard time sticking to a routine? Our coaches and apps are here to keep you on track!


Are you feeling stuck in your current fitness routines? Our classes will keep you excited to workout!


Do you feel lost and lonely in the gym? The people are what make our classes great and you’ll fit right in!


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Benefits & Outcomes

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We aren’t just about body transformations, we want you to live a better life inside and out!

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From the Gym

“Will push you further than you’ll ever push yourself! Yet you get to reap all the benefits. Don’t want to think and plan out workouts? Just show up – they seriously do all the motivating and educating from there!Tiny space but mighty and actually has a perfect flow for workout even when the class is at max. Plenty of space and lots of gym toys! (fun stuff) I’ve been at it for a year now and wouldn’t ever look back! WORTH EVERY PENNY and truly life changing!”

~ Diana Lee

“Fully recommend it!! I tried to get a membership at a big box gym and plan workouts on my own, but saw no results. I found this Gym on Groupon and haven’t looked back since! Great trainers, honest advice on nutrition, and fun atmosphere. I went from dreading workouts to dreading the days that I couldn’t work out. Check this place out if you want to make your lifestyle a healthier one.”

~ Tyler Mackey

“If you are serious about improving your image and fitness lifestyle, this is the place to workout. The trainers here are fantastic. They pushed me not only physically but mentally. With positive reinforcements throughout each workout, I was able to believe in myself more than ever before. I noticed not only a physical change but a mental change as well. I highly recommend this place to everyone, beginners to advanced.”

~ Gabbi Sun

“If you are really looking to transform your body and become a better you, You HAVE to join This Gym. Daniel the owner/trainer does an outstanding, over the charts job. I for sure never saw jaw dropping results until I joined DCXFitness. I not only feel better about myself but have made friends along the way. I continue to make goals and manage to accomplish them with the amazing help DCXfitness provides!”

~ Richard Luna