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The Best 30 Minutes
of Your Day

We offer clients 30 minute fat loss boot camps that deliver results and challenge the body every time. Our signature “Afterburn Effect” keeps the body burning extra calories for up to 36 hours after each workout. We offer you hundreds of different fat burning exercises and healthy recipes that taste delicious and make whole foods fun for the entire family. Plus, we offer constant encouragement and accountability from our friendly fitness coaches and our positive community of fellow members. For more information about our workouts, recipes, and the science behind the Afterburn Effect! OUR INDOOR BOOTCAMP IS YOUR HOME

While many fitness classes operate outdoors, we recognized early on that this leaves your workout open to way too many interruptions. An outdoor fitness class can be shut down at any moment by anything from bad weather to city restrictions on public spaces.

When you walk into a DCXfitness , you’ll recognize in an instant that it’s more than just a fitness class. It’s a place where we recognize and celebrate each other’s victories. It’s a place where we donate to the causes that matter most to us. It’s YOUR place to meet positive, like-minded people who will hold you accountable to your dreams and motivate you every step of the way.

Fitness Coaches Vs. Personal Trainers

You may have noticed already that we say “fitness coaches” when we talk about our team members instead of “personal trainers.” There’s an important reason for this. Technically speaking, a “personal trainer” is someone certified to train others based on their knowledge of the human body. They understand the muscular system and know which movements will produce the best results. A “fitness coach” offers something greater. A fitness coach is certified with the same knowledge of the human body, but it doesn’t stop there. We also seek out and train coaches for their emotional intelligence and passion for fitness. A coach brings their heart and soul to personal training. They don’t just share their knowledge — they forge a bond of trust with every boot camp member so they can bring out the best in them.

About Daniel Laga

HI! My name is Daniel Laga.

I bring ten years of experience as a personal trainer, helping my clients achieve individual fitness goals ranging from weight loss and toning to strength building and preparing for fitness competitions. Personally, I have trained as a competitive fitness model and have even won titles, including first place for Fitness Model California (Muscle Mania) Hermosa Beach.

My fitness journey began at a young age in Czechoslovakia. When I was six, I took up cross-country skiing and even entered competitions in the sport. As a teenager, I took interest in Martial Arts. At first I took Karate and then shifted to kickboxing, which I have been practicing ever since. In my 20s, I moved to the United States where I began bodybuilding. I received certifications from ISSA, AFFA and NASM. From there I worked at Bally and Equinox. Today, I run my own business out of my gym, allowing me the time and energy to devote more focus on my training clients.

I work with everyone from fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilding competitors and athletes to celebrities, executives and couch potatoes alike. There is no challenge I’m not up for – I take my clients’ success personally. I want you to achieve your goals as much as you do and I’ll fight to get you there and I’ll celebrate with you along the way.