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Your Burning Questions Answered

DCXfitness is Personal Trainning and Boot Camp studio based in Oakland Park, FL . We offer clients 30 minute fat loss boot camps that deliver results and challenge the body every time.

Before your first workout with us, we’ll walk you through a quick but thorough consultation to gather all your starting data. This includes weight, inches, body fat percentage, and more.

For as long as you work out with us, we’ll use that data to track your progress so you can make sure you’re on track to reaching your health and fitness goals. For most of our members, that means reaching a specific clothing size or weight or losing a specific amount of pounds.

We take great pride in helping our clients meet and exceed their weight loss goals. We also make sure to celebrate “non-scale” victories like having more energy or breaking personal records in boot camp.

This applies to both promotions and full memberships.

We have specially designed promotions that can get you results before you commit to a full membership. If (somehow!) you don’t get results during the promotion, you can always use our money back guarantee for a full refund, no questions asked.

Yes, you can! Our fitness coaches will show you how to adjust your workout for any knee, back, or shoulder injury. Just make sure you let the coach know about your injury as soon as you get to boot camp.

Yes! In fact, many of our clients start with zero or very little experience with working out. Our program is specifically designed to help people who aren’t already hitting the gym get fast results and find support in a positive community.

Of course, we also want to make sure you’re constantly getting better and better results. That’s why our coaches will show you how to raise the challenge level as you get more comfortable.

Yes, you should! DCXFitness is the best way for you to get a lean body, get energized, and connect with a community of positive, supportive people. You should especially try our workouts if you’ve already been disappointed by all the fad diets, pills, and at-home workout machines. Our program is 100% results-focused and supported by real science.

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